Leo 2022

LEO (July 24 - August 23) BUILD YOUR CAREER AGAIN! In the first 5 months of 2022, you may have good luck in financial areas, credit, interest, tax, accounting, dear Leo and rising Leos. In this process, you will receive help from unexpected people and places that will improve your life. You may come across a legacy that is problematic and difficult to resolve and that you have dealt with before. There may be strong financial developments in the life of your spouse or partner. You can move forward by taking careful steps in insurance and tax matters. If you have a loan or debt to take, you can take on this obligation by paying attention to important dates. It will be important to proceed intuitively and comfortably in spiritual studies. Mysterious, mystical teachings, astrology, energy studies may interest you. You will learn the balance of giving and receiving in every subject this year, and you will enrich your life with your experiences! May 11 and after, these lucky effe